The Ford EcoSport has many stylish interior features that wow passengers. It also has bold components under its hood that can impress engine fans.

In this SUV, the interior has a sporty theme. Both front seats are strategically designed with Ano Gray accents, which promote a sporty vibe. You'll find more athletic design elements on the shift knob and steering wheel as they're wrapped with a stylish leather. Outside the car, there is an efficiently tuned 2.0 engine underneath the hood; it has hardware that works well with the EcoSport's sporty suspension system.

If you visit Detroit Lakes Ford, you can check out other great EcoSport standard features, such as its roof rack and aluminum wheels. We have all of the latest Ford EcoSport trims on our lot, and we set up test drives so that consumers can operate them. Our automotive team works with potential buyers in Detroit Lakes, MN and surrounding areas.

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