When you walk around a Ford Fusion, you'll notice its very distinctive grille designs and appealing spoilers. Upon stepping into the cabin, many other design elements will impress you.

The Ford Fusion's cabin is very sophisticated because its seats are a neutral tone. Leather upholstery is used throughout the cabin, and the textures provide elegance. Every seat has professional stitching that runs along seams, and the thread stands out since it gives the upholstery unique patterns. Above the seats, there is a moonroof that lets fresh air drift into the cabin.

There are many Ford Fusions parked on the lot at Detroit Lakes Ford. If you want to thoroughly examine key design features, stop by our location in Detroit Lakes, MN. We'll break down the top features and packages for our Ford Fusion product line. After you've found a car that suits your needs, you can also take a test drive during your visit to our dealership.

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