Heavy-duty pickup trucks should be made to last. Fortunately, the Ford Super Duty lives up to its name by cutting down on the unnecessary weight of its aluminum alloys and putting more power into its steering, handling and towing capabilities. As a result, the Ford Super Duty is one of the most durable pickup trucks on the market today.

The frame is made with military-grade steel that's both scratch- and rust-resistant. The front axle has strong weight-bearing capabilities that can be used with snow and ice plows. There's also trailer sway control if you want to haul things from the back.

If you're a driver in Detroit Lakes, MN looking for a heavy-duty pickup truck, consider the Ford Super Duty. We have them available at Detroit Lakes Ford if you'd like to see one in the flesh or even take one for a test drive. Once you're behind the wheel, you'll realize why the Ford Super Duty is one of the greats.

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